I graduated in 2001, which I guess making me the “geriatic” of the team. I realised fairly quickly that I prefer consulting work to surgical work, and so you will most often find me in the consulting room, as opposed to the surgical theatre. I am married to Simon, and have two children, Matthew and Jaime, who have perfected the art of keeping me on my toes. Our family is completed by our two dogs, Clarence and Lucky, and our four cats, Pi, Covid, Sidney and Barling- I have added a four-legged member every year that we’ve had the practice! Away from work, I unwind by running (a lot), watching cricket, enjoying music, doing Sudoku, and spending time with people who love me, despite all the dog and cat hair that come part of the parcel


From a childhood that embraced budgies, bantams, mice, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and chameleons as pets, to university where bats and snakes joined the fold, I’ve always loved “all creatures great and small” (well, maybe not spiders so much!) and four years of zoology at Natal University provided fascinating insights into what makes them tick. Now in my dotage I am a complete foster fail, and our four rescue cats have each found a space in not only my heart, but my bed, pillow, kitchen counter or toilet seat. Kermit, Fergus, Jeeves and Munchkin, together with Shrek, a little Senegal parrot, and our newest member, puppy Carley, and a very long-suffering husband complete our household. Running silly distances, music, gardening, creative writing, wandering the hills and beaches of the Wild Coast, laughing with my family, and special friends complete “me”


I grew up in Pinelands and knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a vet. I am fortunate enough to have parents that love all kinds of animals too, and so have had many different kinds of pets over the years-the older Pinelanders may remember our pig, Lloyd. I graduated in 2010 and have been working at PVVC since Jan 2022. I do mainly the afternoon consulting shifts and filling in for the other vets when they’re on leave. I do also really enjoy surgery and can often be found volunteering my skills for various sterilisation drives in my free time. I am in the unfortunate position of having no pets at the moment after putting down my own renal failure kitty-cat earlier this year, however I often pretend my dad’s Rottweiler is my own dog. In my own time I enjoy relaxing with loved ones, various crafts, especially embroidery, hiking, spending time outdoors, doing various puzzles on my phone, and watching series


I graduated from Onderstepoort in 2008. After graduating I worked in a mixed animal practice in Estcourt, KZN. I then spent two years in Twickenham, working with only dogs and cats.
After returning to South Africa I worked at a number of different practices including welfare work in Cape Town. At work I particularly enjoy soft tissue surgery.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, running, mountain biking and gardening. I currently am the proud owner of 3 cats and 2 small dogs, as well as 2 fish.


I graduated in 2008, and I very soon came to find that I far prefer surgery work to consulting.  I am currently juggling working overseas in England and working at the practice, and in between that and caring for my little mini farm of a dog, a bird aviary, a squirrel and five cats, I enjoy playing the piano, walking on the beach, gardening and napping. 

Mrs. Wobbles, Myrtle and Jonty

A family is not complete without its four-legged members, and we are the loyal staff to Jonty, Myrtle (who is actually three-legged) and Mrs. Wobbles, who will happily come and sit on your lap while you are waiting for us. They, of course, think they own the place. Perhaps they do…